Are you looking for top 10 brands of pencils and their usages in the field of drawing and pencil arts?
Here I am going to show you the most recent and top brands of pencils.

10. Linton Pencils 

Linton pencils are manufactured at Linton Pencil Company which is located at Lewisburg in USA and started in 1930. Linton pencil is one of the top 10 branded pencils in the world. It is mostly used for hand drawings and mechanical drawings, It is available in different colors in the market and it has a eraser attached at the end tip. It's cost is about $40 for a box which contain 12 black lead pencils.

9. Adel Pencils

Adel pencils is product of ADEL and it is founded in 1969 and it is one of the top branded company, It has partnership with Turky, Anadolu group and it is leading Turkish instrumental products. ADEL is not only known to it's best pencil brands , it also manufactures ball point pens, liquid link pens, gouches , mechanical pencils and many more drawing instrumentals. 

8. Palomino Pencils

Palomino is a top brand pencil in quality. The best brand in Palomino is Blackwing and it's collections are Palomino Aquas, Palomino Artist Wood Box, Palomino's luxury sketchbook, Palomino imagine pencils and many more top best brands available in 12 pack and 24 pack. Some of the Palomino brand pencils have erasers at the end and some pencils don't. It's lead is thin and dark mostly used for paper drawings.

7. Ozark Pencils

Top and best Ozark company pencil brands are Blue 702 colored with no eraser, ElRes 242 with eraser, Marquette 137 #1 with metal ferrule and eraser, ServWel 310 2B with no eraser and many more collections are there. In Ozark Pencil brands we can find pencils with thick leads, So we can write letters, texts along with drawings.

6. Tombow Pencils

Tombow Pencils brands are some what higher cost, Because the manufacturing of this kind is done in both ways. One way of manufacturing is by wood and other way is by using some plastic or some other material. In wood maded brands they look like the normal pencils but the pencils made by other than wood are something different and high cost. Tombow brands also available in many colors and they used in mechanical drawings mostly.

5. Chikyu Pencils

It is a chines product and it is available in different sizes of thickness. Its new brands are  Chikyu enpitsu 6000, Globe No 230, Chikyu 380H, Chikyu 830HB, Globe 200HB, Globe 220HB, Chikyu 8000HB, Gold and Black 9400HB and many more top brands are there in china. Most of this brands are used to draw and fill colors.

4. Staedtler Pencils

Steadtler not only manufactures pencils but also some top branded accessories like coloring and printing products, markers and refill inks and technical drawing instruments. Staedtler pencil products are in different shapes we can find them in hexagonal shape, round shape, triangle shape and triangular jumbo shape. The cost of it starts from around $3 to $70 depending upon the type of product in Staedtler.

3.  Apsara Pencils

Apsara pencil and related accessories are manufactured by Hindustan Pencil Pvt Ltd. Apsara is a top brand pencil in India. Hindustan Pencil Pvt Ltd manufactures different products of apsara. Their pencil products include 1H, 2H, 3H upto 9H of thin writing pencils and from HB, 1B, 2B upto 9B of thick writing pencils. These are used in mechanical drawings mainly.

2.  Nataraj Pencils

Nataraj Pencils manufactured by Hindustan Pencil Pvt Ltd. Like Apsara it is also one of the top brand in India. The difference between Nataraj and Apsara is, Nataraj Pencils has it's exports to all over the world but Apsara pencil products exports are less compared to Natraj. Both these brands Nataraj and Apsara have their exports over 50 countries. Hindustan Pencil Pvt Ltd produces 8 million pencils along with other accessories.

1.  Columbia Pencils

The Columbia Pencils are manufactured in Columbia Pencil and Crayon company which is started in 1931 and the founder is G.H Horton. The pencil lead range is from 6H to 6B and there are different colors and different sizes in that. 
top 10 pencil brands in world
Top Ten Brand Pencils

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