Top 10 Best Women Hair Dye Brands In The World

Mostly women do hair dying to show themselves stylish and unique beauty. Here we are showing the top 10 best hair dying brands in the world and some information about that brands.

10. Garnier Hair Dying Brand

Garnier one of the best brand from L'Oreal and it is established in 1904 by Alfred Garnier hence the name. Now a days it has the biggest names in the hair and beauty industry. Some of other products of Garnier are skin care, hair care, hair color and more stylish products. Among these products the one that is very much popular is hair color, because it is available in wide varieties of colors and it suits all ages and many styles. Garnier hair color contains olive oil which keeps hair healthy and shiny. It comes in the form of cream so that it is easy to apply on hair. If you buy this product you will get a pack of four items they are 1 developer bottle, 1 colorant tube, instruction leaflet and 1 pair of gloves.

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9. Wella Hair Dying Brands

Wella company produces some popular hair dying brands. The popular product of Wella company is KOLESTON Perfect.


First of all combine the Koleston Perfect cream for better and high density results, Then mix the Koleston Perfect Base and Koleston Perfect Cream Devoloper int the 1:1 ratio and Special Blonde shades are in 1:2 ratio. And apply the dye from the root hair to the ends.

8. Dove Hair Dying Brand

Dove produces not only hair dying brands but also some other brands like Body Wash , Hair Care, Deodorants, Face Wash creams, Lotions. Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo is a top brand in India and it is transparent and has a lightweight formula enriched with Oxyfusion Technology which gives bouncy and thicker look.

How to use:

- Apply the shampoo to the wet hair thoroughly.
- Use Oxygen Moisture Conditioner to get smooth and bouncy hair.

7. Yarok Hair Dying Brand

The founder of Yarok Hair Care is Mordechai Alvow, Food for your Head. Good for the Earth is the tag line of Yarok brand. The meaning of Yarok is Green. Yarok mainly focuses on greatest positive impact on hair and also health,  minimizing the negative impacts on natural environment. Yarok uses certified organic ingredients in their product. That's why we are displaying as top 10 brand in our list.

6. Salon120 Hair Dying Brand

The experts of salon120 are proud to offer the best best hair color formulas. Each of it's team member is well trained and very glad to offer most effective brands that results lasting longer without damaging to the hair.
Occasionally they give offers to the regular customers like, On fathers day special Men's hair cut $25 and dying $45 only. 50% off on color with haircut and style, This offer is only to the new customers and that too only one time. And they are also conducting loyalty program that is if you refer a friend about their brand and service then you will get $10 off on your next service and your friend also get concession of $10 for the first time.

5. Zest Beauty Brands

Zest beauty produces some branded products like Color Wow, Joico, L'Oreal professional. The price of the products starts from $10 to $19.9 
The customer services that they offer are - Help and Support, Delivery information, Return Policy, Privacy Policy. The additional services are friend referrals, Gifts, My account.
Other offers that they are providing are collecting beauty reward points with all orders, Free delivery, Free Gifts, excellent discounts on top brand products.
How to refer a friend - There are 2 ways that you can refer a friend about this brand
1. You post a link on your Facebook, Twitter or any other social networks. The link will be provided to you by Zest Beauty.
2. Sending invitation form to you friends with a link via an email service.
These two ways will help in increasing number of customers and you will get more Beauty points.

4. Kolours Hair Dye

Kolours is a dual conditioning hair color brand and among all hair dying products, this one is cheapest and best brand in the world and specifically formulated for Asian hair.

How to prepare-

-To prepare the hair color, squeeze the cream with color developer to inside a tube then shake.
-Apply the mixture starting from the forehead and continue to apply downward and backward until all the hair is covered.
-Then leave it for 30 minutes for color to develop.
Finally you will get a stylish look with your hair color.

3. Godrej Hair Dye Brand

Godrej is the India's largest selling hair brand and it has 4 crore users. 

Godrej History and Growth

- Godrej liquid hair brand was launched in 1975.
- Godrej powder hair brand was launched in 1981 and it is especially for Indian customers.
- The top brand, first time in India is a Godrej sachet started in 1995. It is an innovative idea to increase its sales and available in widely and cost affordable.
- In 2008 the Godrej powder hair was re launched as Godrej Expert introducing a wide range of colors.
- Godrej Expert is rebranded in 2011.
- In 2012 The revolutionary of Godrej Expert Rich cream took place.
And there are also so many Godrej top branded products are there in the market.

2. Clip Hair Brand

ClipHair brand online store was established in 2007 at Sutton in London, UK. Their products are 100% best quality base products. Initially it has customers in UK only but now after a half of a decade it has customers all over the world. The reason for it's rapid growth is competitive prices, high quality and innovative products. It is a best customer oriented company.

The Customer services are :

- World Wide Free Delivery
- Free Color matching Services
- Hair Color chart
- Shipping information
- Returns information
- Secure Transactions

1. GoldWell Hair Brand

The founder of GoldWell Hans Erich Dotter in 1920. His vision to build a company which focuses on hair dyes.

History and Growth

- In 1948 GoldWell Fabrikate was established which mainly focuses on products and sales of hair cosmetics and it's first product is GoldWell IDEAL.
- GoldWell introduced a shampoo system for easy handling in 1956. SpruhGold is another innovative by GoldWell and SpruhGold is the top spray brand in Germany today.
- In 1958 GoldWell expanded it's market to the UK.
- GoldWell introduced TOP MODEL for permanent hair color in 1971
- The greatesh success for GoldWell is in 1976 for "air-formed" perm with a unique "air boy" application tool.
- In 1984 GoldWell introduced KERASILK. It is an effective high care range.
- In 1986 GoldWell Introduced COLORANCE. It is a oxydative with semi permanent color with pH 6.8. And many more innovations had happen with GoldWell and It has increased it's market all over the world now.

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