Here are the list of some of the best selling washing machine brands in the year 2015. All these brands are very well popular for their innovative technologies that make your clothes washable easily and quickly. 

Most of the people try to prefer for these below listed top 10 best washing machine brands that are very much good at performance and less at power consumptions. The below list is prepared by taking into consideration the top market shareholder companies and also best performing washing machine brands that most of the people low to use.

Top 10 Best Washing Machine Brands

Top 10 Washing machine brands world

10. Kenmore

 The company started in 1927 at Chicago united states. The company took its first step to manufacturing the washing machines in the year 1927. Kenmore washing machines are built with high efficiency material which made  the company to stand in the list of top 10 best washing machines brands. Today this company branded washing machines are sold all around world.

9. Maytag

Maytag is a brand owned by Whirlpool corporation. Maytag is a American commercial manufacturer company. The company started in the year 1893 by Fredrick Maytag. The company has come up with many varieties in washing machine sector. The products manufactured by this company are sold all over the world which is reason to place in list of top 10 best washing machines brands. The washing machines produced enable best power washing among all other companies.

8. Electrolux

Electrolux is appliances manufacture company. The company was started in the year 1919 at Sweden. The company started to manufacture washing machines keeping the efforts caused by people. The company slogan is "Thinking of you". There are many models launched in washing machine sector which placed the company to stand in the list of top 10 best washing machine brands. Cost of this washing machines varies from $1000-$1800. company appliances are used by 70% of population in all European country.

7. Panasonic Washing Machines

An Japanese based old electronics company. The company has given up with many electronics  products. The company has built up many the washing machine looking the efforts of people over washing clothes. The company was founded by konosuke matsushitha in the year 1918 at Osaka japan. Panasonic has different models of washing machines of which are full automatic, semi automatic, manually operated. the washing machines developed by this company are good to look which made the company to stand in list of top 10 best washing machine  brands.

 6. AEG

A Germany based company. As we all know Germany is famous for its tourists and machines here mechanical bodies are done to a wide extent  with good efficiency. AEG has brought up an electrical industry with manufacturing many domestic appliances washing machines are one among them , AEG company has started in 1883 by Emil Rateneau.  The company has took its step towards electronics , communication, transportation and many more. Machines of AEG work for large extent which made the company to stand in  list of top 10 washing machines brands.

 5. IFB

IFB stands for Indian fine blanks started in India in 1974 by Heinrich sch mid. Mission of IFB is to be consumers first choice.  mission  of the company is to be best in the eyes of shareholders,customers and business partners.

The company is most trusted home class appliances that are been using in many home which made to stand in list of  top 10 fine washing machine brands. There are three models of washing machines designed through his company top loading, front loading, clothes driers.

 4. Bosch

Bosch is world class home appliances company built up with German engineers. The company is trading over 75 years started by Robert Bosch.  The vision of Bosch company is to enabling lives and livelihood through education and technology.

The Bosch gives ten years warranty on washing machines designed over the company which is the reason for placing Bosch in list of top 10 best washing machines brands. Bosch washing machine  has bigger washing  capacity, clever water sensing, anti vibrant design, and volt check.

 3. Whirlpool - best washing machine brand with good performance

Whirl pool washing machine company is one among company giving competition to all the standard companies from long period. The machines are upgraded with increase changes in their competitive world. The vision of the whirl pool is  the best branded consumers in all around world, and the mission of the company is create demand and earn trust earn everyday.

The whirl pool was started in year 1911 by Louis and empory. There are two types of washing machine with top loading and front loading. with automatic and semi automatic and manual formulas

 2. LG - Best brand with value for money

Most of the LG washing machines can withstand high performance and give the most out of it. LG's Steam cleaning technology is very much successful in the market and it's is very much provide to showcase the success which made the company to stand in the list of top 10  best washing machine brands.

1. Samsung - Leading best Washing Machine

 Samsung as every one knows produces all kinds of electronic goods that every common man can afford for. It's really a big company having huge market value world wide. Coming to Samsung's washing machines, After a huge success for samsung in marketing android based smart phones we can see samsung brand is good at manufacturing the best Washing Machines that world requires.

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