If you are a newly married couple or may be if you have started earning some handsome money then you will definitely be in search for a good Electronic Goods for your house. Almost all the people in the world agree that good number of electronics in a home show off his/her living status.

So in this post we are going to provide some of the best trending and best selling electronic brands that will give you a comprehensive idea for which brand you should opt. Since most of the electronics are high priced you should concentrate on those electronic brands which will produce long living electronic goods.

top 10 electronic brands

10. Panasonic

Panasonic is a Japanese based multinational electronic company, founded by Konosuke Matsushita in 1918 at Osaka. This branded company has stood front among some electronics manufacturing company because of entering in to field of non electronics like home servicing.The company has come up with a slogan 'A BETTER LIFE', 'A BETTER WORLD'. Vision of the company is to provide one stop solution of problems and manufacture excellence through process and  product innovation.

9. Philips - Best oldest Electronic Brand

Philips is a Dutch based technology company. The company was founded by Gerard Philips in 1891 at Eindhoven. Company has manufactured in various fields like Domestic appliances, Personal care, but leading in manufacturing of  consumer electronics.

The companies specification is to manufacture with keen interest and give performance was more time. The Philips has come up with a new slogan i.e "INNOVATION AND YOU".  Their vision was to make ' the world healthier and more sustainable through innovation'.

8. Dell

Dell is also known for manufacturing electronic goods. This electronics brand is famous for producing laptops. You get some of the best laptops on the market for reasonable prices offered by this electronics company.

This company falls in to the category of computer electronics manufacturer. Most of the you see a dell product in the computer hardware section. The company has given up leading innovations in computer hardware section which made to stand in list of top 10 electronics brands in world

7. Haier

Haier is a Chinese multinational Chinese company, the company designs develops manufactures and sell all the  electronics products ,domestic appliances. Company has large markets on white goods. The company has started in 1984 at Qingdao,china. Company has expanded all over the world with their services, the company has given and will be giving best products to customers.

6. Waves Electronics

Waves is a Korean based company .the company manufactures wireless and wire communication equipment. The company is leading manufacturer of amplifier of different types. This branded company was formally called as wave telecoms corporation than changed to wave electronics. The company was founded in the year 1999. The company is famous or its good performance and cheaper that can be afforded by all the class of people which made to stand in list of top best 10 electronics brands in world.

5. Toshiba - Best Japanese Electronic Brand

Toshiba was started in the year in 1939 by Shibaura Sheiskuso in Tokyo "japan". There are many products launched by this company they are electronics, semi conductors, social infrastructure, computer hardware components, domestic appliances, medical machines and office equipment. This branded electronics company has its brands and branches all over the world which made to stand in list of top 10 best electronics brands in world. The Toshiba has a great project in built of front facing camera. There are many achievements and awards won by this company all over the world.

4. Sony - Best Quality Electronic brand

Sony is a Japanese multinational company which has a defined mark on electronics brands. It has given a tuf competition from long period and used to stand in a list of top 10  electronics surveys.
the company started at Tokyo "japan"in 1946. masaru ibuka and akio morita arfe founders of this company. Company has launched up many product like domestic electronics, semi conductors,  games, media entertainment and telecoms equipment which gave a place in list of top 10 electronic brands in world.

3. Apple - Costliest Electronic Brand in World

Apple is the most famous brand and it has it's own way of dealing with electronics. Apple brand and it's electronics are much famous in the western countries. Despite the cost of this brand products being very high, people die to buy a product from apple brand. the new launched gadgets are ahead in features, to those brought previously which made the apple to be in list of top 10 best electronic brands

2.  LG - Best Budget Electronic Brand in World

 Life's Good is really a life saver for producing a lot of trusted electronic goods with reasonable prices tagged for them. This electronic brand has got a very good reputation in the market. People expect that LG's products are well manufactured and has a good reliability. which made the company to stand in list of  top 10 best electronics brands in world

1. Samsung Electronics - Best Consumer Electronic Brand in World

Samsung electronic sells recently bumped up to the sky. With android smart phones Samsung is in the leading position in the Indian market in the sales of smart phones. This electronics brand has got a good demand in the market. the company has moved up launching various electronic gadgets into the market which made it to stand in list of top 10 electronics brands in world.

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