Here are some of the best Big chocolate bar brands that you will to hear from us. These brands are known for producing big chocolate bars and are specialized in gift packaging. Most of the chocolates especially big chocolates are very much used to present gifts for beloved once.

List of top 10 Big Chocolate bar brands in World

top 10 best dark chocolate brands world

10. Vosges

Vosges Haut was launched in 1998 by world traveler and Le Cordon Bleu. This branded  Chocolates company is home to unique flavor combinations which made it to stand in top 10 best chocolate bar brands.  

Vosges offers flavors including Red Fire Toffee, Red Fire Spice, and an oxaca blend that have been praised as being "beautifully presented and made from the finest cacao and spices in the world truffles to bars to caramels, melds chocolate with international spice markets
Red Fire Chocolate made with Mexican chilies, cinnamon and dark chocolate, the Black Pearl Chocolate made with ginger, black sesame seeds and dark chocolate and Mo's Milk Chocolate Bacon  a bacon-flavored chocolate bar.

9. Soma

Soma chocolate company was started in the year 2003 by David Castellan and Cynthia Leung at Toronto. It specializes in making chocolates directly from the cocoa bean and in small batches. There is a large collection of company truffles, pralines and caramels, and chocolate bars also creative chocolate deserts and drinks. 
Company is also specialized in Fair trade and organic chocolates which made this brand to stand in list of best big chocolate bar brands in the world.

8. Lindt & Sprungli

A Switzerland company started in year 1895 by David Spr√ľngli-Schwarz Rudolf Spr√ľngli-Ammann. The company makes fine Swiss chocolates, and are spread all over the country which made to stand in list of  leading 10 chocolate bars brands. Lindt's brand names include Caffarel, Lindor, and Lindt

Its products range from boxed assortments to bars, individually wrapped pieces. apart from chocolates the company also manufactures ice creams,confectionery. Lindt sells a variety of block chocolates with  Flavours of   Excellence range.

7. Republica del Cacao

republica del cacao was started in the year 2004 . their mission is to harvest best local varieties of fine aroma cacao. the chocolates manufactured through natural ingredients which made to stand in list of leading chocolate bar brands. it took a place in list of top 10 big chocolate bar brands for its fine quality.

There are many professional chocolates like Peru and equader and  fine chocolates launched by this company. the company has also started manufacturing hot-cocao,coffee,

6. Scharffen Berger

Scharffen Berger was founded in the year 1997 at San Francisco by Robert Steinbeck and john Scharffen Berger. the American first artisan manufacturer, set out the richest and most flavourful chocolates all over the world  which attain in list of topmost chocolate bars brands. the company is more concern with cocoa beans that are to be finest quality.

The company manufactures chocolate bars,milk chocolates, baking chocolates which made the the company to take place in list of top 10 large chocolate bar brands

5. Michel Cluizel Chocolates

Michel Cluizel an french company started in 1948 by Michel Cluizel. Michel Cluizel is best option for those who are genuine ,natural,and self demanding chocolatier. the company has stood at  top place in news and many events as the best baking with high taste chocolates. all the raw material used for making chocolates are guaranteed noble ingredients. chocolates are coated with hand and recipes are prepared with less flavour.  

4. Valrhona

valrhona is a french based chocolate company founded in the year 1922 by Albreic Guironnet. it is famously specialised for taste. the commitment for quality made the company to stand in list big chocolate bar brands. this company is said as creator of uniqueness. there many products launched from this company all over the world.

3. Bovetti

Bovetti was established in the year in 1994 Aubazine byVvalter Bovetti. the company is very fashionable and preventative made . most number of chocolates are hand made using traditional and modern methods. bovetti uses top grade raw material. the cocao used here is from his own plantation.hence made to stand in list of big chocolate bar brands.

2. Leonidas

Leonidas is a Belgian chocolate company started in year 1913 by Leonidas kasterkides. this company is famous for its the virtue of impeccable freshness.  the nobility of natural gradients and internationally branded. the are many stores all over the world.  the company makes different assortments like cupid, confectory, ice creams, pralines, and chocolates decorated on gift vouchers.

1. Amedei - Leading Big Chocolate Bar Brands

Amedei was started in 1990 by brother and sister named Cecilia and Alessio at Italy. the company is famous for its fine and extravagant confections. the quality includes fine chocolate bar from single origin cocoa beans, truffels, flavourful pralines and array of luxury milk.there  are sufficient varieties of chocolates available for every particular requirement. there are different types of chocolates include sugar fee, vegan, gluten free.

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