Most of the people say chocolates are good for health. Is that true? Not most of them but definitely dark chocolates are good for health. You get protection against the sun light and is also one of the best source of anti oxidation.

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Here we are listing some of the best dark chocolate brands that you may prefer to eat or present to your beloved one.
top best 10 dark chocolate brands

List of Best Dark Chocolate Brands

Below listed are some of the best health dark chocolate brands that are very much popular in the world. Most of the people prefer to buy maximum dark chocolates from these brands listed below.

10. Eating Evolved

Eating Evolved brands chocolates are to get back to the true essence of chocolate without adding flavoring, dairy, or sugar many more flavors of squares and truffles available. This brand includes maple bacon mocha truffles, black garlic and fennel truffles, cayenne Aztec squares, and orange cacao nib squares and many other best unusual ingredients. This chocolate brand manufacturing started in year 2012 by rick, founder of Eating Evolved. It's slogan is quite interesting, “It’s food, not candy".

9. Ghirardelli Intense Dark

Ghirardelli Chocolate Company was started in 1852 in America. The chocolate collection of this company are sold all over the world. This brand's products are rich of traditional flavor and natural ingredients which gave a place to stand in list of top 10 dark chocolates brands in world.
The collection of coca beans are brought from best production parts all over the world.

8. Taza

Taza Chocolate is a chocolate manufacturer based in Somerville, MA, USA. The company produces stone ground, organic chocolate "from bean to bar", as well as other chocolate related foods founded in 2005, by Alex Whit. More Taza Chocolate has been noted for being economically, and environmentally sustainable flavor of ingredients. 

Products like Chocolate Mexicano Discs, Stone Ground Dark Chocolate Bars, Tazito Mini Crunch Bars, Baking Chocolate, & Chocolate Covered Treats are well popular with this brand. This brand stands in the 5th spot in the list of top 10 best dark chocolate brands in world.

7. Kit Kat bar

Kit Kat is a chocolate-covered wafer biscuit bar confection that was created by Rowntree's of York started in 1920. The company chocolates are sold all over the world. Many varieties of Kit Kat are there approximately more than 200 different flavour's.

The Dark Kit Kat chocolates are very much popular in the world which made the company to stand one among the list of best dark chocolate brands. There is wide collection like four finger.two finger, chunky, some of the ingredients used are sugar ,milk,cocoa,salt and also much more.

6. Lindt - Best Swiz Chocolate brand 

A Switzerland company started in year 1895 by David Spr√ľngli-Schwarz and Rudolf Spr√ľngli-Ammann. The company makes fine Swiss chocolates and are spread all over the country which made to stand in list of leading 10 chocolate bar brands.

Lindt's brand names include Caffarel, Lindor, and Lindt. Its products range from boxed assortments to bars, individually wrapped pieces. apart from chocolates the company also manufactures ice creams,confectionery. Lindt sells a variety of block chocolates. with Flavours of Excellence range.

5. Godiva - Best Belgian Dark Chocolate Brand

Godiva chocolate brand was founded in Belgium in 1926 by Joseph draps. Godiva is one of the top rated best Belgian chocolate brands. Godiva production of ice creams, cheese cake, coffee pods and liqueur that comes in several chocolate-related flavors.

This brands is good in producing dark chocolates and also making wide varieties of chocolates. This brand also stands in top dark chocolates. The company has many kinds of delights like milk, white, nuts and caramels chocolates. The company chocolates are delivered across all parts of world.

4. Green & Blacks - Best UK Chocolate Brand

green&blacks is a UK-based chocolate company, owned by Mondelez International . The company produces a range of chocolate bars, ice cream, biscuits and hot chocolate. Green & Black's was founded in 1991 by the couple Craig Sams and Josephine Fairley. They have various chocolate bars, on various flavours such as "Milk 36% Cacao", "Dark 86% Cacao", "Milk with Peanuts", and "White". All are organic.

3. Moser Roth

The company was founded in 1841 by pastry chef Wilhelm Roth Jr. in Stuttgart. the chocolate is made from the finest quality ingredients, carefully prepared to attract the recipients. there are varieties of products started some of which are milk, vanilla ,caramels. the company chocolates are much dark flavored about 85%.

2. Scharffen Berger

The company's founders are John Scharffenberger and Robert Steinberg In 1996 . Scharffen Berger Chocolates are made from imported beans from a range of cacao-growing countries and regions, including Venezuela, Ghana, Madagascar, the Caribbean, and Indonesia. the company is manufactured various collection and companies intention to give up good chocolates made it to stand in list of top 10 dark chocolates all across the world.

1. Vivani

Vivani Organic Chocolate is a brand of chocolate introduced in 2000 at Germany. The Vivani range comprises over 20 different types of chocolate bar. Many of which have unusual flavors such as "Fine Dark Chocolate with Green Tea and Mango", "Fine Dark Chocolate with Orange" and "White Chocolate with Mango and coconut".

A special feature of Vivani products is their elaborate packaging design, which made to stand in the list of best dark chocolate brands in world. Vivani chocolates are exported to over 40 countries worldwide.

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