Beauty is the thing that all the people try to acquire on top even if they are most beautiful on the least. It's the essence of nature that beauty attracts everyone in the world. Today we will see some of the top 10 best makeup brands in the world that can ensure and increase the beauty of every individual in the world.

top 10 best makeup brands and cosmetics

List of top 10 Best Makeup Brands in World

Even if it's  Scarlett Johnson or Amber Heard all the beauty queens of the world never step out of the house with out a make over on their faces. So all the below listed cosmetics brands help these beauty queens to look much more beautiful than they are.

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 10. Revlon - Famous Lipstick Cosmetics Brand

Revlon is an American cosmetics company that is standing in the top 10th position in the list of top 10 makeup brands in the world list. It's lipstick is most widely famous in the world. Even this brand's ads are also very much intuitive in nature and very much straight forward.

This cosmetics makeup brand offers a wide variety of beauty products such as cosmetics for lips, eyes, skin care, nails, fragrances and much more that a women need in her whole life. Revlon cosmetic brand in founded in the year 1932 and is very much passionate in manufacturing top beauty makeup products since that time. 

9. Biore

Biore's cosmetics products are very much reliable and cost effective. Some of the cosmetics products that this company produces are Cleansers, makeup removers, body moisturizers, skin whitening creams and much more to say. The list goes on if we continue to say about this brands products.

This cosmetics company is Japan based company and founded in the year 1887. This brand stands in the 9th position in the list of top 10 best makeup brands in world.

8. Dove

Dove is mostly not a cosmetics brand actually but it's a personal skin care brand that you can use on daily basis. We can sub categorize this brand under cosmetics brand on the whole. It's very much popular in India, Australia, Argentina and other countries. Dove stands in the top 8th position in the list of top 10 best makeup brands in the world.

Most of it's products are really popular for hair fall treatment, body lotions, skin care items and face creams. It does not really manufacture anything that you really try to do makeup before going to parties or any official conferences but it's products are highly reputed for skin care and body lotions that most of the people encourage to apply at home.

7. Lancome

Lancome is Paris based France cosmetics brand that has an international network in marketing cosmetics and makeup beauty products. It was established in the year 1935 and it's historic experience has influences in manufacturing high demanded quality based makeup products. Lancome cosmetics brands is standing in the top 7th position in the list of top 10 best makeup brands in the world list.

Lancome mostly concentrates on beauty and also health of people. It's products are very much hypoallergenic in nature. This brand believes that beauty is the outcome of good health.

6. Clinique

Clinique is some what expensive but most of the women prefer to go with this makeup brand even though it makes their pockets empty. Most of it's cosmetics products are hypoallergenic in nature i.e they are manufactured with utmost care not to cause any side effects after applying makeup on the body. Clinique brand is mostly famous for it's skincare toiletries and other important makeup products that are essential for a women. This makeup brand stands in the top 10 best makeup brands in the world list.

Clinique brand is owned and operated by Estee Lauder cosmetics company that is famous for manufacturing makeup and beauty products for both women and men. It's headquarters are located in New York City, America.

5. Nivea

Nivea is an international Makeup brand that manufactures most of the skin care products. It has a very large network in manufacturing whitening body lotions, whitening creams, whitening deodorants, underarm whitening lotions and creams etc etc. On top of everything Nivea moisturizing cream is very much famous on all parts of the world. Here is nivea makeup brand review of all it's products. This cosmetics brand is in 5th position of the list of top 10 best makeup brands list.

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4. MAC - Highly famous Makeup brand in world

MAC is a Canada based cosmetics brand that has a world wide network in manufacturing and best seller of makeup kits. You can get a lot of makeup tutorials on YouTube and other websites on how to use the MAC makeup kits for different makeup purposes. Eddaelid is pretty famous in demonstrating mac cosmetics makeup tutorials.

If you are a professional in using MAC makeup kits then you can also get jobs in beauty parlors this popular is MAC makeup brand in the world. MAC makeup brush kits are very popular among the products manufactured by this brand. This brand is in the top 4th position in the list of top 10 best makeup brands in the world.

3. Avon

This branded makeup company says - "Everyday, Avon brings beauty to the lives of women all over the world. This company is an American branded cosmetics company that is famous for manufacturing makeup products to women. It also brings light to some of the non makeup products such as household and personal care products.

Avon makeup brand has an annual revenue of about 10 billion dollars plus trade off world wide. This company is one of the most desired makeup brand in the world. Check out all the brands list under Avon cosmetics company. This company is in the top 3rd position in the top 10 makeup brands list in the world.

2. Olay - Largest Marketing Makeup brand in the world

This brand is the best cosmetics brand in USA. It's anti aging skin care cosmetics is widely popular among women through out the world. It's maximum revenue is from it's skin care products that it produces out of passion. Most of the people say that Olay cosmetics brand products are not all time hypoallergenic in nature they do show some of the side effects.

But when we look at the facts most of the women uses it's products vigorously to look attractive and it's widely popular. The fact is it' may result in allergenic in the least case but most of the products that this brand company releases are hypoallergenic.This company is in the top 2nd position in the list of top 10 best makeup brands in the world.

1. L'Oreal - Leading Cosmetics Brand in World

This is a Paris based French brand that is one among the worlds largest producers of cosmetics and makeup products.  You can get a wide variety of beauty products like Lipsticks, hair colors, skin care products, perfumes and many more from this company.

This company is very much engaged in producing beauty products to ladies. Men also have the chance to get beauty products but there is no competition to ladies as this company is dedicated in manufacturing ladies makeup products. This brand is in the leading position for the list of top 10 best makeup brands in the world of cosmetics.

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