To impress a women, you need to approach them with sweet words and sweet things like Chocolates. Though flowers can be a good alternative but chocolates are the best preferred by many of the men. Kids also love a lot to eat chocolates. Today we are presenting you the top 10 best selling chocolate brands in the world market.

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Latest research reveals that most of the women gets impressed when they were gifted with the chocolates that start with their starting letter of the women's name. This have been proven right and most of the google search results shows the proofs. So now onwards if you are trying hard to impress your women then don't forget to present here with the chocolates that start with her starting letter.

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List of Top 10 Best Selling Famous Chocolate Brands

Top 10 Chocolate brands Word

10. Kit Kat - An Hershey's  Chocolate Brand

There are lot of food varieties with the name kit Kat but among them Kit Kat chocolates are very famous in the world. They are easy to break and gives you a pleasure feeling while eating. The best part of this chocolate is that you can divide it into equal bars while sharing among your friends or family members.

It has become even popular by Google naming it's android OS version 4.4 as Kit Kat. This chocolate is one of the brand that stands in the top 10 chocolate brands. It is manufactured by Nestle which is a part of Hershey's Company.

9. Lindt & Sprungli - A Swiss Chocolate Brand

This is a Swiss Confectionery Chocolate brand that has an international network. This company was founded in the year 1845 in Zurich, Switzerland. This chocolatier is an international company.

Lindt and Sprungli  is a brand that is used by every person to present the gifts for their beloved kids and women. Most of this brand chocolates are seen wrapped in a gift box.

8.  Godiva Chocolatier Brand

Here comes another Belgium chocolate brand that is famous in the world for the tender, yummy and sweetness. They are very much beautiful look at and also very much delicious to eat.

They provide a wide variety of chocolates with various variations of flavours. This chocolatier products should be definitely tasted at least once in the life time.

7. Mars - Galaxy, Snickers belongs to Mars Chocolate brand family

Mars is also one of the famous chocolate brands in the world. It's headquarters lies in Mount Olive, New Jersey. Mars chocolate family includes Snickers, Dove,  American Heritage, Galaxy, Milky way and much more.

This is one of the best and most popular chocolate brands in the world that most of the people love to enjoy with their family members and friends.

6. Cadbury - chocolate brand that spreads happiness

Cadbury is one of the well known chocolate brands in the world. If you are an Indian then you would definitely love the Cadbury chocolate advertisement.

It says the happiness comes with sweetness and sweetness comes with Cadbury chocolates. That's a great advertisement and an effective way to reach every person regardless of age and gender.

5. Toblerone - Another Swiss Chocolate Brand

Toblerone chocolate's origin is Switzerland. It manufactures a lot of tasty chocolates and distributes worldwide. This Swiss chocolate brand is owned by the great American Mondelez International Inc. It's logo is very interesting it features the most popular mountain in Switzerland, Matterhorn.

Inside the mountain you can see hidden bear shape in white color in the logo of Toblerone. The bear animal is the identity of Canton of bern where this chocolate brand has emerged. This chocolate brand is very famous in the switzerland also in other parts of the world.

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4. Patchi - Chocolate brand that is known for giving chocolate gifts

Patchi is known for producing  chocolates that are intended to present as a gift for your beloved one's. Patchi is an international chocolate brand. It's online boutique products are also very much famous. The chocolates that are produced at Patchi are very delicious and mouth watery.

3. Guylian - World famous Belgian Chocolate Brand

Worlds famous Belgian Chocolate brand says its tag line. When you eat it you also says that and that's the speciality of this famous chocolate brands. This chocolate brand products are sold in more than 100 countries through out the world. On special occasions like mothers day, valentines day and Christmas day celebrations this brand chocolates are in the best selling lists.

2. Ghirardelli - Brand that manufactures chocolates out of passion and love !!

Ghirardelli is a true chocolatier since it do a lot of interesting things that attract people to buy chocolates from their brand. This awesome chocolatier conducts 2-day chocolate celebrations every year. Most of this brands chocolates are very tasty and delicious. Next year they are going to conduct 20th annual Ghirardelli Chocolate Festival  at San Fransisco, California. Hope that goes well for this passionate chocolate brand.

1. Ferrero Rocher - Leading best selling Chocolate brand in world

Ferrero Rocher is a famous and leading chocolate brand that millions of people love to buy and enjoy. Each and every chocolate manufactured at this company is really done with at most care and superior expertise people. It's Golden wrappers will give you an essence of richness.

These chocolates are best option to give gifts for other people. They are prepared to be irregular round shape and wrapped in golden color wrappers. This Ferrero Rocher chocolate brand stands in the 1st position in the top 10 best selling famous chocolate brands in the world.

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