We have already listed the top 10 best watch brands in the world. Today we are presenting you the top 10 best selling watch brands in India. The list here will give you a clear idea which popular and famous brands are occupying the biggest share in Indian Market.

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Top Brands of Watches in India

top 10 watch brands best selling India
Top 10 Best Selling Watch Brands in India

10. Omega - Popular Watch Brand

This watch brand is in the bottom position in the list of top 10 best selling Watch brands in India. Omega is know for the master piece watches that are unique in design and technology. Some of the precious Omega watches also work in zero gravity. Omega watches got so much of craze due the James Bond character that has used this brand watch.

9. Swatch - Famous Swiss Watch Brand

Swatch is a SWISS based watch brand that has got so much of fame in India. There are about official 96 Swatch watch stores in India till date. All most in all the major cities and towns there's a Swatch Watch store where you can buy your heart desired watches with affordable rates. This watch brand in very much popular in India and stands in the 9th position for the best watch brand seller in this country.

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8. Citizen

Citizen watch brand is known for the quality and implementing innovative ideas in manufacturing watches that are loved by every one. The recent Citizen watch eco-drive satellite wave f100 is one of the best master piece example for such innovation.

It can show you satellite time in just 3 seconds in any time zone on the earth. Citizen is a honourable watch brand that is loved by most of the Indian  Citizens. This watch brand stands in the top 8th position in the list of best selling watch brands in India.

7. Casio

Casio watch brand is very much famous for wrist watches. Women and Men both genders love to wear wrist watches that are manufactured by Casio brand. But most preciously Casio is interested in manufacturing branded watches for men.

This brand uses advance technologies in watches to connect to people. For example, G-stock Bluetooth is the new technology by Casio watch brand to connect watches with the smart phones.

This branded watch can fit in the hands comfortably. Any gift you wanna present, Casio watches are the best selections to impress others. This watch brand stands in the top 7th position in the list of top 10 best selling watch brands in India.  

6. Rolex - Luxury Watch Brand

Rolex is a big costly watch brands and most of the people in India have a dream to buy a Rolex watch. Since budget is the many criteria for any good to purchase most of the Indian Citizen ofter go for other reasonably priced watch brands over Rolex.

Though Rolex is the top most wanted watch brand but no that much best selling watch product in Indian market. Only High class Indian citizens affords and thinks to buy a Rolex watch.

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5. Maxima

Maxima watches are best known for couple watches. You get similar pair of watches manufactured for the guy and girl. This is the perfect gift that you can present for him/her on special marriage day like occasions.

The price range for Maxima watch brand can be best at 300 - 4000 rupees. This watch brand is in the top 5th position in the list of top 10 Best selling Watch brands in India.

4. Timex - Best known for Digital Watch Brand

Timex Watch brand is very much suitable for busy life people. This famous watch brand is best known for manufacturing digital watches. The best known wrist digital watch, Timex Ironman move x20 can give all the technology support to your day to day life.

Timex Ironman digital watch is just a sample. You can digg in more watch stuff at Timex official website. This is in the top 4th position in the list of top 10 best selling watch brands in India for women, men and children.

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3. Fastrack - Stylish Watch Brand in India

Fastrack is a a fashion brand for youth in India. Fastrack watches are specifically manufactured keeping in mind, the youth of India. Indian middle age people go crazy upon Fastrack watches.

This brand gives very much importance in manufacturing stylish watches to attract middle age college going people. Fastrack stands in the top 3rd position in the list of best selling top 10 watch brands in India for men, women and kids.

2. Titan - India's Largest Watch Manufacturer Brand

Actually Titan Company owns fastrack and sonata watch brands. But other than fastrack and sonata titan also produces  Diva, Aqura, Raga, Insignia, Octane etc etc watch brands that are also pretty famous in India market. Titan company belongs to Tata group of Industries.

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1. Sonata - India's Leading Watch Brand

Sonata as said before belongs to Titan Company. This Watch Brand produces watches to wear on all special occasions in India by Indian Citizens. The most famous Sonata superfibre watches designed and manufactures to attract youth. 

If you are an adventurous human being then you should definitely have a Sonata Superfibre Watch, where it has all the useful features that an adventures person needs.  

So this is the list of top 10 watch brands in India that are most famous, elegant, classic, stylish and comfortable. More over they are the best fashion appeal to Indian Citizens. Thank you for visiting our website

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