Most of the men fall in love for branded watches. It's not the reason that they are branded but these watch pieces show off some high class living and it's the most importance thing for a guy to impress a girl. These days flirting is very common by showing off  best branded watches to their loved ones.

So watches and other fashion accessories play a major role in the life a person. Here we are presenting the most valuable watch brands in the market that can attract any person with the elegant designs.

Top 10 Best Watch Brands

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10. Bulova

Bulova is a branded watch company that always grantee reasonable prices to it's customers. Quality is the major aspect that this company is after and is committed to provide quality watches to all the people round the world.

The designs of Bulova watches are always innovative when we take a peek at it's history. Bulova watch parts are manufactured in Swiss and are assembled in USA.

9. Hamilton

Most of the people has trust in the Hamilton Watch brand because of the best quality watches that this brand team offers to it's customers. Most of the watches that this watch brand releases will be in the range of $500 to $2000.

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8. Mont Blanc

Not only this brands has won a wide reputation for one of the best pen brands in the world, this is also trending in the top best selling watch brand in the world. You can get a great efficient and comfortable wrist watches for affordable prices.

7. Omega

Omega is know for the master piece watches that are unique in design and technology. Some of the precious Omega watches also work in zero gravity. Omega watches got so much of craze due the James Bond character that has used this brand watch.

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6. Seiko

Seiko is the first watch brand to design a quartz watch and presented it to the world. Since the invent of Seiko quartz watches, these become very much popular and are populated every where in the world.

The demand for Seiko watches is very much high and is increasing yearly. Seiko watches are one among the best selling watch brands in the world.

5. Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer is also one of the Switzerland based watch brand that is very much highlighted now a days due to it's stylish watch pieces. Not only manufacturing famous well designed watches this brand is also known for creating other fashion accessories. This fashion brand in founded in the year 1860. In 2010 Tag Heuer has celebrated it's 150'th anniversary.

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4. Citizen

Citizen watch brand is famous for providing their extraordinary watch pieces at some reasonable prices. Most of the people are very lucky to get the best designed watches with extraordinary functionality at the best cost they can go for.

This brand also looks for innovative thinking that can be reflected in the designs of the watch pieces this brand manufactures.

3. IWC Schaffhausen

This watch brand IWC Schaffhausen is manufacturing watches since 1868. The engineering work these guys carry on while manufacturing watches is brilliant. This brand is becoming very much popular these days and it's giving a strong competition to its competitors.

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2. Patek Philippe

This watch brand in Switzerland based company. The name for this watch brand Patek Philippe was derived from it's founders Antony Paket and Adrien Philippe. These two guys together started this famous watch brand in the year 1851.

From that time onwards this popular watch brand was creating unique and fabulous watch pieces that every watch lover die to wear.

1. Rolex

Rolex watch brands is very much famous and almost all the watch lovers through out the world are in love with this great reputed Watch brand. Most of the Rolex watches are a bit expensive and you have to think twice if you are willing to buy a Rolex Watch.

top 10 watch brands world

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So here comes the best picture of the top 10 best selling watch brands in a single shot. The list here may get updated in the later days depending upon the new watch brand releases and their reputation.

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