When it comes to the matter of shoes. Most of the middle class people in the world don't know about the most expensive shoe brands in the world. Keeping this information in mind, we have decided to put forward the high priced shoe brands that are very much popular among hollywood celebrities.

These luxury shoe makers are really commited to produce comfortable and stylish shoes that can matter a lot of money.

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10. Brain Atwood Shoe Brand

 Brian Atwood shoes are very much carefully designed and sluptured to get the best look ever a shoe gets. This shoe brand belongs to Italy. All the shoes are manufactured in Italy and then carefully exported to the other famous countinents and countries.

This brand shoes are not available in various parts but has extremely high demand among the people.
brian atwood shoe brand

9. Miu Miu - Shoe Brand for Quality

  Miu Miu belongs to Miuccia Prada, Prada is a high end fashion brand and is also listed in the top 10 fashion brands in the world. Miu Miu is very much bother about the quality over the price. The shoes that this brand manufactures is very much like meet the standards of quality.

As some one said there are many people who can figure costs but only few can measure it's value this brand does it well. The quality and the price go hand in hand.

miu miu shoe brand is for quality

8. Gucci - Shoes are Not an Exception my dear!!

Gucci is famous for fashion Materials. You get a lot of unique items produced from the Gucci company. Already Gucci has been listed in the top 10 famous fashion Brands in the world. This time also in the top most expensive shoe brands list Gucci is not an exception. Where ever you go this brands will show case your high class standards of living.
costly gucchi shoes

7. Alexander McQueen - High priced Designer shoe brand

 Lee Alexander McQueen is an award winning british fashion designer. This brand was esbalish by this famous fashion designer. All shoes are designed uniquely. All the shoes have a very peculiar design that you don't see in the normal market. This variation in the shoe designing has make this brand very special and expensive. This brand stands in the top position in the list of top 10 most expensive shoe brands in the world.
alexander mcqueen high heels shoes

6. Walter Steiger 

 The High Quality unique design production of shoes for men and women made Walter Steiger very famous in the world. This brand shoes are very much expensive and are really appritiable for it's quality. This brand shoes starts from the range of 500 dollars and extends to thousands of dollars.
walter steiger shoes for women
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5. Manolo Blahnik 

 The most expensive Manolo Blahnik shoes are the Blixa Alligator shoes. They range from the $4000 to $5000. There will be no compromise with the quality of the shoe as Manolo Blanhik takes really a great care while manufacturing shoes.
top most expensive shoe brand list

4. Christian Louboutin - Red sole is what the price matters at the shoe

Christian Louboutin produces a high end of most expensive shoes for all gender age groups. It's pretty much famous for the women high heels with the red sole as the branded stamp for this expensive shoe company.

At times you feel that luxury shoes are made at only Christian Louboutin brand when you look at the price of the shoes and shoes itself. Sexy strass is the most expensive shoes that were sold for about $3000 dollars. See the below pictures of Christian Louboutin's Sexy Strass shoes.
top designer shoes for men and women

3. Jimmy Choo - Shoes costing an Arm and a Leg (highly priced)

Being around 1980's Jimmy Choos are iconic trend to walk on red carpets and most celebrity prefer this shoe brands to wear while in big occasions. You get a lot of comfort when you wear this expensive shoes made by Jimmy Choo brand. This brand shoe products gives a feeling of costing an arm and a leg for you.
best expensive shoe brand to buy

2. Louis Vuitton - Famous shoe brand

 Louis Vuitton has won the Top position in the high priced expansive shoes in the world. This brand also produces purses and luggage's but are very specialized in the manufacturing of expensive shoes.

Louis Vuitton has been from 1854 onwards serving people with the best quality shoes they want. Till date Louis Vuitton brand sounds to produce the most expensive shoes in the world.

popular high priced Louis Vuitton shoes brand

1. Stuart Weitzman - Extortionate shoe manufacturer

 This top expensive shoe brand uses a lot of different materials to produce shoes that can attract a wide variety of shoe lovers round the world. Stuart Weitzman is a Spain based shoe company that puts the shoe business in a new trend.

leading expensive shoe brand stuart weitzman
Most of the best shoe pieces at Stuart Weitzman could cost starting from $600 dollars. Some of the notable shoes that this releases is 5050 shoes, over the knee boots. Stuart Weitzman manufactures special attractive over the knee boots for women. Women go crazy for this kind of shoes.

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